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Sri Ramakrishna meditating during worship after first vision

Sri Ramakrishna meditating during worship after first vision:

Dakshineshwar Kali Meditation:

I meditate on Sri Ramakrishna resolving to meditate on the Divine Mother with a posture steady like a Bhairava, and the joints of his body automatically getting locked during meditation.

(Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 7)

Sri Ramakrishna meditating during worship after first vision:

Dakshineshwar Kali Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 7: Unable to perform regular temple service after first vision: After the first vision of the Divine Mother Sri Ramakrishna was unable to perform the temple service regularly on account of the bliss arising from the vision. On some days when he did not become altogether restless or devoid of consciousness due to great eagerness of God-vision he went to the temple to perform the temple service.

Resolving to meditate with a steady posture like a Bhairava: Sri Ramakrishna sometimes told about his experiences during meditation during that time. "I used to show to my mind the image of Bhairava in meditation on the parapet of the roof of the music hall and say to it: 'You must be firm and steady like it and meditate on the Mother's Lotus Feet'".

Joints of his body getting locked: Sri Ramakrishna said: "No sooner had I sat down for meditation that I heard clattering sounds produced in the joints of my body and limbs from the direction of the legs upwards; and they get locked one after another as if someone from within turned the key. As long as I meditated, I had no power to move my body and change my posture even slightly or give up meditation and go elsewhere or do anything else at will. I was, as it were, forcibly made to sit in the same posture, as long as the joints did not make clattering sounds as before and were unlocked, this time from the direction of the head to the legs."

Visions during meditation: Sri Ramakrishna said: "When I sat and meditated I had, in the beginning, the vision of particles of light like groups of fire-flies; I saw sometimes all quarters covered with masses of mist-like light; and at other times I perceived that all things were pervaded by bright waves of light like molten silver. I saw these things sometimes with my eyes shut and sometimes with my eyes open. I did not understand what I saw nor did I know whether it was good or bad to have such visions. I therefore prayed to Mother with a troubled heart: 'I don't understand Mother, what is happening to me; I don't know Mantras etc. by which to call You; please teach me personally what may enable me to realize You. Mother, if You do not teach me, who else will? For, there is no refuge for me except You'. I used to pray thus with a concentrated mind and weep piteously on account of the eagerness of my heart."

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