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Sri Ramakrishna meditating in Panchavati

Sri Ramakrishna meditating in Panchavati:

Dakshineshwar Kali Meditation:

I meditate on Sri Ramakrishna practising meditation under an Amalaki tree in Panchavati and calling on the Divine Mother.

(Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 6)

Sri Ramakrishna meditating in Panchavati:

Dakshineshwar Kali Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 6: Sri Ramakrishna meditating under an Amalaki tree: After Ramkumar passed away, Sri Ramakrishna intensely yearned for the vision of the Divine Mother. When the temple closed at mid-day or at night, he entered Panchavati and meditated on the Divine Mother. Panchavati was a jungle as well as a burial ground. No one used to enter that jungle even during daytime due to fear of ghosts. The Amalaki tree grew on a low piece of land which was surrounded by high lands outside the jungle area. So anyone sitting under the Amalaki tree could not be seen from outside.

Hriday following him: Hriday found that Sri Ramakrishna left his bed at night and went somewhere. One night Hriday followed him. He saw Sri Ramakrishna going to the Panchavati and entering the jungle. Hriday did not enter the jungle but threw a few stones from outside to frighten him. It did not have any effect. Sri Ramakrishna did not return. So Hriday returned back that night. Next day Hriday enquired: "What do you do when you enter the jungle at night?" Sri Ramakrishna replied: "There is an Amalaki tree there. I sit under it and practise meditation. The scriptures say that anyone who meditates under an Amalaki tree, with whatever desires in his mind, gets it fulfilled."

One should be freed from all ties and practise meditation: Later Hriday tried to create various disturbances by throwing stones etc. from outside the jungle. Sri Ramakrishna knew that it was the act of Hriday but kept quiet. One day Hriday entered the jungle and went to the Amalaki tree. He found that Sri Ramakrishna was meditating under the tree putting off his clothes and sacred thread. Hriday shouted: "What is this? How is it that you have put off your thread and cloth and are stark naked?" Sri Ramakrishna gained normal consciousness and replied: "What do you know? Thus freed from all ties, one should practise meditation. From his birth man labours under 'eight bondages', of hatred, fear, shame, aversion, egoism, vanity, pride of noble descent and obsession with formal good conduct. The sacred thread also is a 'bondage', for it is a sign of egoism. 'I am a Brahmin and superior to all.' When one calls on Mother, one should discard these bondages and call on Her with a concentrated mind. That is why I have put off these. I shall put them on again when I return at the end of meditation."

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