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Arrival of Jatadhari

Arrival of Jatadhari:

Ramalala - The living child Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 12: Arrival of Jatadhari: Probably in 1864, Jatadhari, a holy man of the Ramawat denomination arrived at Dakshineshwar. He carried a metal image of Ramalala with him which he served with deep love. By serving that image for a long time, his mind had ascended to the realm of divine love, due to which he could see the luminous child Rama before him accepting his services. In the beginning the vision appeared for a moment but later it became continuous. Thus Ramalala was the constant companion of Jatadhari. Engaging himself in the daily service of that image, he travelled to various pilgrimages. Jatadhari did not divulge to anyone about his vision. Others could only see that he always served the metal image of Ramalala every day with extraordinary steadfastness.

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 4 - Ch 2: Sri Ramakrishna about Jatadhari: Some time passed that way. Visits of Paramahamsas became few and far between. Ramawat fathers - men of fervent renunciation, devout and dispassionate fathers - began to pour in, in large numbers. Ah, what devotion and what faith they had and how steadfast was their service to the Lord! It was from one of them that Ramalala came to me. That is a long story.

That father served the image for a long time. He took it with him wherever he went. He cooked whatever he got by Bhiksha and offered the cooked food to it. That was not all; he actually saw that Ramalala ate or wished to eat something or wanted to go for a walk or insisted on the satisfaction of a fancy, and so on. In the company of the image he was beside himself with bliss and always remained "inebriated". I also saw Ramalala doing all that. I sat all twenty-four hours of the day with the "father", and kept gazing on Ramalala.

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