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Sri Ramakrishna having vision of Ramalala

Sri Ramakrishna having vision of Ramalala:

Ramalala - The living child Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 4 - Ch 2: Sri Ramakrishna having vision of Ramalala: Sri Ramakrishna said:

That "father" served the image for a long time. He took it with him wherever he went. He cooked whatever he got by Bhiksha and offered the cooked food to it. That was not all; he actually saw that Ramlala ate or wished to eat something or wanted to go for a walk or insisted on the satisfaction of a fancy, and so on. In the company of the image he was beside himself with bliss and always remained "inebriated". I also saw Ramlala doing all that. I sat all the twenty-four hours of the day with the "father", and kept gazing on Ramlala.

As days passed on, Ramlala's love for me went on increasing. As long as I remained with the "father", Ramlala felt happy - he played and sported; but as soon as I came away from that place to my room, he also followed me immediately there. He did not remain with the Sadhu although I forbade him to come. I at first thought it was perhaps a fancy of my brain. How could it otherwise be possible that the boy (in the image) loved me more than him - the boy worshipped by the Sadhu for a long time, whom he loved so dearly, and served so tenderly with devotion? But of what avail were these thoughts? I actually saw - just as I see you before me - that Ramlala accompanied me dancing, now preceding, now following me.

Sometimes he importuned to be carried in my lap. Again, when I took him on my lap, he would by no means remain there. He would go down to run hither and thither, collect flowers in thorny jungles or go to the Ganga to swim and splash water there. I said over and over again, 'My child, don't do that, you will get blisters on your soles if you run in the sun; do not remain in water so long, you will catch cold and fever.' But he did not give ears to my words, however much I forbid him. Unconcerned he went on with his pranks as if I was speaking to someone else.

He would sometimes grin and look at me with his two eyes, beautiful like the petals of a lotus, or carry on his pranks with a vengeance. He would pout both his lips and grimace and make mouths at me. I would then be actually angry and scold him, 'You rascal, wait, I will give you a sound beating today and pound your bones to powder.' Saying so, I would pull him away from the sun or from the water and then cajole him by giving him this thing or that and then ask him to play within the room. Again, finding it impossible to restrain his naughtiness, I would sometimes give him a slap or two. Thus beaten, he would pout his beautiful lips and sob and look at me with tears in his eyes, when I would feel pained. I then took him affectionately on my lap and cajoled him. I actually saw and acted thus.

One day I was going to bathe, when he took an obstinate fancy to go with me. What could I do? I took him with me. Then he would not come out of the water. He turned a deaf ear to all my pleadings. At last I became angry, immersed him in the water and said, 'Be now in the water for as long as you like'; and I actually saw that he panted and writhed under the water. Seeing him suffer thus and thinking to myself 'What have I done?' I took him out of the water on to my lap.

It cannot be described how much I felt pained for him on another occasion and how much I wept. That day Ramlala was obstinately demanding something to eat, and I gave him some parched paddy not properly husked, in order to pacify him. I then found that his soft and delicate tongue got lacerated by the husk of the paddy as he was eating. Dear me! What a great pain I felt then! I took him on my lap, wept loudly and taking hold of his chin, sobbed out the words, 'I was so rash and foolish that I did not at all hesitate to put such comtemptible food into the mouth which mother Kausalya used to feed solicitously with such soft delicacies as butter, thickened milk and cream, lest they should hurt him'.

(As he was speaking these words, the Master's past grief burst forth anew and he became restless in our presence and wept so bitterly that we could not restrain our tears though we did not understand a bit of his loving relation with Ramlala).

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