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Vision of Jatadhari and leaving Ramalala

Vision of Jatadhari and leaving Ramalala:

Ramalala - The living child Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 4 - Ch 2: Vision of Jatadhari and leaving Ramalala: Sri Ramakrishna said:

On some days the holy 'father' would cook food and offer it to Ramlala but could not find him. Wounded at heart, he would then run up here (to the Master's room) and find him playing in the room. With his feeling of love wounded, he would then scold him, 'I took so much trouble to cook food for you and am searching for you hither and thither; and free from care and forgetfulness of everything, you are here! That has been your way. You do as you fancy. You have no kindness or affection. You left behind your father and went to the forest; your poor father died of weeping but, still you did not return to show yourself to him.' With these and other similar words he used to drag Ramlala to his place and feed him. Time passed in that way. The Sadhu was here for a long time, for Ramlala did not like to leave this place (i.e. me) and go away. He also could not leave behind Ramlala whom he had loved so long.

Dissolved in tears, the 'father' then came one day and said, 'Ramlala has shown himself to me in the way I wanted to have his vision and has thus quenched the thirst of my life. Moreover, he said that he would not go from here; he does not like to leave you behind and go away. My mind is now free from sorrow and pain. He lives happily with you and plays and sports; I feel beside myself with bliss to see it. I am now in such a state that I feel happy at his happiness. Therefore I can now leave him with you and go elsewhere. Thinking he is happy with you, I will be happy.' Saying so and giving Ramlala to me he bade good-bye. Ramlala has been here since then.

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