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Declaring Sri Ramakrishna as Incarnation of God

Declaring Sri Ramakrishna as Incarnation of God:

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Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 10: Declaring Sri Ramakrishna as Incarnation of God: Bhairavi Brahmani declared Sri Ramakrishna as an Incarnation of God after comparing his spiritual experiences with the scriptures. Her observations included:

1. She saw that Sri Ramakrishna felt supreme bliss during singing of the glories of God and often lost consciousness in Bhavasamadhi. She understood that Sri Ramakrishna was not an ordinary Sadhaka.

2. She heard from Sri Ramakrishna about his spiritual visions and states, and the signs manifested in his body and mind due to his Sadhanas. It reminded her of the incarnation of Sri Chaitanya whose divine states are recorded in books like Chaitanya Charitamrita and Chaitanya Bhagavata. When she compared minutely the states of Sri Ramakrishna with that of Sri Chaitanya she found a great similarity between them.

3. She found manifested in Sri Ramakrishna, like Sri Chaitanya the power to awaken the spirituality in others by touch during Bhavasamadhi.

4. She found that garlands, sandal paste etc. which cured Sri Chaitanya from the constant burning sensation due to separation from God, also had the same effect in Sri Ramakrishna.

5. She herself had a command from the Divine Mother to meet three persons. She had already met two of them in eastern Bengal. Sri Ramakrishna was the third.

6. She herself had experienced the divine vision related to Sri Ramakrishna in Panchavati on the first day of her arrival.

7. She heard from Sri Ramakrishna of a vision while going to Sihore, where two boys of tender age came out of his body. She identified them as Sri Chaitanya and Nityananda.

8. Books on Bengal Vaishnavism record that Sri Chaitanya would again incarnate on earth for the deliverance of mankind.

She was therefore convinced that Chaitanya and Nityananda had incarnated again in the body of Sri Ramakrishna for disseminating love of God and deliver the Jivas. She expressed her conclusion freely to others without the fear of being ridiculed. When Mathur objected and said that incarnations of God cannot be more than ten, the Brahmani referred to Srimad Bhagavatam which at first referred to twenty-four principal incarnations and later on many more incarnations. She said that she was ready to support her conclusion in the presence of scholars.

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