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Sri Ramakrishna performing Tantra Sadhana under Bhairavi Brahmani

Sri Ramakrishna performing Tantra Sadhana under Bhairavi Brahmani:

Tantra Sadhana Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 11: Sri Ramakrishna performing Tantra Sadhana under Bhairavi Brahmani: Bhairavi Brahmani had a command from the Divine Mother to meet three persons. Two of them she had already met in eastern Bengal. Sri Ramakrishna was the third. By observing Sri Ramakrishna's spiritual ecstasy she understood that he was not an ordinary Sadhaka. By comparing his spiritual states with the scriptures she came to the conclusion that Sri Ramakrishna was an incarnation of God. Till them Sri Ramakrishna advanced in his sadhana through his own divine longing for God. The Bhairavi wanted Sri Ramakrishna to experience the path prescribed in the Tantras. Sri Ramakrishna also had the approval of the Divine Mother and was eager to pursue the path.

Collecting the required things for Sadhana: The Bhairavi Brahmani took great pains in collecting various items specific to the Sadhanas from various parts of the country. During day time she collected the things. During night she guided Sri Ramakrishna in the Sadhana.

Constructing Panchamundi seats for Tantric Sadhana: The Bhairavi Brahmani constructed two Panchamundi seats for Tantric sadhana. One of the seat was under the Vilva tree on the northern boundary of the temple garden. The other was in the Panchavati which Sri Ramakrishna had himself planted.

Sri Ramakrishna performing disciplines of sixty-four main Tantras: When the Sadhana began, days and nights slipped by for several months without their knowledge. Sri Ramakrishna later said: "In the day-time the Brahmani went to various places far away from the temple garden and collected and brought various rare articles prescribed by the Tantras. Placing them under the Vilva tree or under the Panchavati at night, she called me, taught me how to make use of those things, and helped me in the performance of the worship of the divine Mother according to the prescribed rules with their aid, asking me at last to merge in Japa and meditation. I acted accordingly. But I had to perform almost no Japa; for, hardly did I turn the rosary once when I merged completely in Samadhi and realized the results proper to those rites. There was thus no limits to my visions and experiences, all very extraordinary. The Brahmani made me undertake, one by one, all the disciplines prescribed in the sixty-four main Tantras, all difficult to accomplish, in trying to practise which most of the Sadhakas go astray; but all of which I got through successfully by Mother's grace".

Experiences of Sri Ramakrishna during Tantra Sadhana: During the Tantra Sadhana Sri Ramakrishna offered to the Divine Mother his body, mind and life and had several visions and experiences:

1. Sri Ramakrishna saw himself incessantly pervaded by the fire of knowledge, both inwardly and outwardly.

2. Sri Ramakrishna saw the awakening of the Kundalini. He saw a celestial male figure going through the Sushumna canal and opening up the lotuses of the Kundalini by touching them with his tongue.

3. Sri Ramakrishna had the vision of the Brahmayoni giving birth to innumerable worlds every moment.

4. Sri Ramakrishna heard the Anahata Dhvani.

5. Sri Ramakrishna in a vision saw the worthlessness of miraculous powers.

6. Sri Ramakrishna in a vision saw the deluding power of the universal Mother.

7. Sri Ramakrishna saw the beautiful vision of Shodasi which illumined the quarters.

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