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Extraordinary vision of Bhairavi Brahmani in Panchavati

Extraordinary vision of Bhairavi Brahmani in Panchavati:

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Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 10: Extraordinary vision of Bhairavi Brahmani in Panchavati: Bhairavi Brahmani carried a stone symbol of Raghuvir hung around her neck. After meeting Sri Ramakrishna, she prepared cooked food for Raghuvir in Panchavati taking provisions from the temple store. She offered the cooked food to the stone idol of the deity and sank into deep meditation. Then she had an extraordinary vision. She lost consciousness of the external world went into deep Samadhi.

In the meantime Sri Ramakrishna feeling an irresistible urge came to Panchavati. In an ecstatic state he ate the food offered by the Brahmani to Raghuvir. Bhairavi Brahmani came down to her normal consciousness and witnessed this act of Sri Ramakrishna. She found that it corresponded to her vision. She was filled with astonishment and bliss. Sri Ramakrishna was then in Bhavasamadhi. When Sri Ramakrishna regained normal consciousness he felt embarrassed by his behaviour, but Bhairavi Brahmani assured him that it was not he but the One who is residing in him that performed the act.

Then Bhairavi Brahmani ate the remains of Sri Ramakrishna as prasada, and having obtained the permanent living vision of Raghuvir in Sri Ramakrishna, immersed the stone symbol of Raghuvir in the Ganga in a spiritual semi-conscious state.

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