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Approaching Sri Ramakrishna to initiate him

Approaching Sri Ramakrishna to initiate him:

Vedanta Sadhana Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 15: Approaching Sri Ramakrishna to initiate him: Totapuri first came to the big open portico of the Ghat. Sri Ramakrishna was also sitting there in one corner absent-mindedly wearing one piece of cloth. His face was shining with austerity and filled with the surge of devotion. Totapuri was attracted by the appearance of Sri Ramakrishna. He thought: "Can there be a fit aspirant of Vedantic discipline in Bengal which is saturated with Tantric practices?"

Totapuri approached Sri Ramakrishna and said: "Would you like to practise Vedantic discipline?"

Sri Ramakrishna replied: "I know nothing of what I should do or not; My Mother knows everything; I shall do as She commands." Totapuri though that Sri Ramakrishna was referring to his worldly mother. He asked Sri Ramakrishna to go and get the permission of his mother. Sri Ramakrishna went to the temple and asked the Divine Mother. She permitted him saying: "Go and learn; it is in order to teach you that the monk has come here".

Totapuri did not have high regard for personal deities and devotional moods. He believed in the personal effort of the aspirant. When he saw Sri Ramakrishna going to the temple of the Divine Mother, he did not say anything during that time, thinking that his ignorance will soon disappear during the course of the Sadhana.

Totapuri told Sri Ramakrishna that he has to get initiated into Sannyasa and give up his sacred thread and tuft of hair on his head. Sri Ramakrishna hesitated a little thinking of his old mother. He told Totapuri that he had no objection if the initiation can be done secretly. Totapuri agreed to this.

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