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Self-Enquiry amidst disturbing thoughts

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

#. When one enquires into the root of ego which is of the form "I", all sorts of different thoughts without number seem to rise; but none can exist apart from the "I" thought.

Whether the nominative case, which is the first case, appears or not, the sentences in which the other cases appear have as their basis the first case; similarly, all the thoughts that appear in the heart have as their basis the egoity which is the first mental mode "I", the cognition of the form "I am the body". When it rises, it is the cause of and source of the rise of all other thoughts. Therefore, if the root of the illusory tree of bondage is destroyed, all other thoughts will perish completely like an uprooted tree.

Whatever thoughts arise as obstacles to one's spiritual discipline, the mind should not be allowed to go in their direction, but should be made to rest in one's Self; one should remain as witness to whatever happens, adopting the attitude "Let whatever strange things happen, happen; let us see!" This should be one's practice.

In other words, one should never relinquish one's Self. This is the proper means for destruction of the mind, which is of the nature of seeing the body as Self, and which is the cause of all the aforesaid obstacles.

This method which easily destroys ego, deserves to be called devotion, meditation, yoga and knowledge. Because God remains of the nature of the Self, shining as "I" in the heart, because the scriptures declare that thought itself is bondage, the best discipline is to stay quiescent without ever forgetting Him. After resolving in Him the mind which is of the form of the "I-thought", no matter by what means. This is the conclusive teaching of the scriptures.

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