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Dhumavati Dhyanam - In sanskrit with meaning

धूमावती ध्यानम् - विवर्णा चञ्चला रुष्टा दिर्घा च मलिनाम्बरा
Dhumavati Dhyanam - Vivarnnaa Cancalaa Rushtaa Dirghaa Ca Malinambaraa
Devi Dhumavati
Devi Dhumavati

विवर्णा चञ्चला रुष्टा दिर्घा मलिनाम्बरा
विवर्णकुन्तला रूक्षा विधवा विरलद्विजा
Vivarnnaa Can.calaa Russttaa Dirghaa Ca Malina-Ambaraa |
Vivarnna-Kuntalaa Ruukssaa Vidhavaa Virala-Dvijaa ||

1: (I meditate on Devi Dhumavati) Who is pale in appearance (Vivarnaa), restless (Cancalaa) and always irritated (Rusthaa); Who is large in stature (Dirghaa) and wearing pale Garments (Malinambaraa),
2: Whose locks of Hairs are pale (Vivarna Kuntalaa), Whose Skin is rough and dry (Rukshaa), Who is a Widow (Vidhavaa) whose Teeth are sparse (Virala Dvijaa),


Devi Dhumavati
काकध्वजरथारूढा विलम्बितपयोधरा
शूर्पहस्तातिरूक्षाक्षी धृतहस्ता वरान्विता
Kaaka-Dhvaja-Rathaa-Ruuddhaa Vilambita-Payodharaa |
Shuurpa-Hasta-Ati-Ruukssa-Akssii Dhrta-Hastaa Vara-Anvitaa ||

3: (I meditate on Devi Dhumavati) Whose Flag has the symbol of a Crow (Kaka Dhvajaa), Who is mounted on a Chariot (Ratha Aaruddha) and Whose Breasts are hanging down (Vilambita Payodharaa),
4: Who is holding a Winnowing Basket in Her Hand (Shurpa Hastaa); Whose Eyes are very rough and harsh (Ati Ruksha Akshi) and Who is showing the Vara Mudra (Gesture of Boon-giving) with Her Hand (Dhrta Hastaa Vara Anvitaa),


Devi Dhumavati
प्रवृद्धघोणा तु भृशं कुटिला कुटिलेक्षणा
क्षुत्पिपासार्दिता नित्यं भयदा कलहप्रिया
Pravrddha-Ghonnaa Tu Bhrsham Kuttilaa Kuttile[a-Ii]kssannaa |
Kssut-Pipaasaa-[A]rditaa Nityam Bhaya-Daa Kalaha-Priyaa ||

5: (I meditate on Devi Dhumavati) Who is very Old (Pravrddha), Whose Nose is excessively crooked (Ghona Bhrsma), so is Her crooked Eyes (Kuttila Ikshanaa),
6: Who is always afflicted by Hunger and Thirst (Kssut Pipasaa Arditaa) and Whose appearance incites Fear (Bhayadaa) as She is always intent upon picking up a quarrel (Kalaha Priya).


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Translated by greenmesg

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