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Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram - In sanskrit with meaning

- composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

देव्यपराधक्षमापन स्तोत्रम् - न मन्त्रं नो यन्त्रं तदपि च न जाने स्तुतिमहो
Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram - Na Mantram No Yantram Tadapi Ca Na Jaane Stutimaho
Devi Durga
Mother Durga

मत्रं नो यन्त्रं तदपि जाने स्तुतिमहो
चाह्वानं ध्यानं तदपि जाने स्तुतिकथाः
जाने मुद्रास्ते तदपि जाने विलपनं
परं जाने मातस्त्वदनुसरणं क्लेशहरणम् ॥१॥
Na Matram No Yantram Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Stutim-Aho
Na Ca-[A]ahvaanam Dhyaanam Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Stuti-Kathaah |
Na Jaane Mudraas-Te Tad-Api Ca Na Jaane Vilapanam
Param Jaane Maatas-Tvad-Anusarannam Klesha-Harannam ||1||

1.1: (O Mother) Neither Your Mantra, Nor Yantra (do I know); And Alas, Not even I know Your Stuti (Eulogy),
1.2: I do not know how to Invoke You through Dhyana (Meditation); (And Alas), Not even I know how to simply recite Your Glories (Stuti-Katha),
1.3: I do not know Your Mudras (to contemplate on You); (And Alas), Not even I know how to simply Cry for You,
1.4: However, one thing I know (for certain); By following You (somehow through rememberance however imperfectly) will take away all my Afflictions (from my Mind),


Mother Durga
विधेरज्ञानेन द्रविणविरहेणालसतया
विधेयाशक्यत्वात्तव चरणयोर्या च्युतिरभूत्
तदेतत् क्षन्तव्यं जननि सकलोद्धारिणि शिवे
कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता भवति ॥२॥
Vidher-Ajnyaanena Dravinna-Virahenna-Alasatayaa
Vidheya-Ashakyatvaat-Tava Carannayoryaa Cyutir-Abhuut |
Tad-Etat Kssantavyam Janani Sakalo[a-U]ddhaarinni Shive
Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||2||

2.1: (O Mother) Due to Ignorance of the Vidhis (Injunctions of Worship), and due to lack of Wealth, as well as due to my Indolent (Lazy) nature, ...
2.2: ... (Since) It was not possible for me to serve Your Lotus Feet; there have been Failures on the performance of my duties (I admit that),
2.3: (But) All these are pardonable (by You), O Mother; because You are the Saviour of All, O Shivaa (Auspicious Mother),
2.4: There can be Kuputra (fallen disobedient son turning away from Mother), but there can never be Kumata (Mother turning away from son permanently),


Mother Durga
पृथिव्यां पुत्रास्ते जननि बहवः सन्ति सरलाः
परं तेषां मध्ये विरलतरलोऽहं तव सुतः
मदीयोऽयं त्यागः समुचितमिदं नो तव शिवे
कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता भवति ॥३॥
Prthivyaam Putraas-Te Janani Bahavah Santi Saralaah
Param Tessaam Madhye Virala-Taralo[a-A]ham Tava Sutah |
Madiiyo-[A]yam Tyaagah Samucitam-Idam No Tava Shive
Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||3||

3.1: (O Mother) In this World, there are many many Sons of Yours who are Simple-minded,
3.2: However, among them I am a rare Son of Yours who is Restless,
3.3: Because of this only, it is not proper for You to forsake me O Shivaa (Auspicious Mother),
3.4: (Because) There can be Kuputra (fallen disobedient son turning away from Mother), but there can never be Kumata (Mother turning away from son permanently),


Mother Durga
जगन्मातर्मातस्तव चरणसेवा रचिता
वा दत्तं देवि द्रविणमपि भूयस्तव मया
तथापि त्वं स्नेहं मयि निरुपमं यत्प्रकुरुषे
कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता भवति ॥४॥
Jaganmaatar-Maatas-Tava Caranna-Sevaa Na Racitaa
Na Vaa Dattam Devi Dravinnam-Api Bhuuyas-Tava Mayaa |
Tathaa-[A]pi Tvam Sneham Mayi Nirupamam Yat-Prakurusse
Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati ||4||

4.1: O Jaganmata (Mother of the World), O Mother, I have never Served Your Lotus Feet,
4.2: Neither have I offered, O Devi, abundant Wealth at Your Lotus Feet (during Worship),
4.3: Inspite of this, You have maintained Your Motherly Love towards me which is incomparable,
4.4: (Because) There can be Kuputra (fallen disobedient son turning away from Mother), but there can never be Kumata (Mother turning away from son permanently),


Mother Durga
परित्यक्ता देवा विविधविधसेवाकुलतया
मया पञ्चाशीतेरधिकमपनीते तु वयसि
इदानीं चेन्मातस्तव यदि कृपा नापि भविता
निरालम्बो लम्बोदरजननि कं यामि शरणम् ॥५॥
Parityaktaa Devaa Vividha-Vidha-Sevaa-Kulatayaa
Mayaa Pan.caashiiter-Adhikam-Apaniite Tu Vayasi |
Idaaniim Cenmaatas-Tava Yadi Krpaa Na-Api Bhavitaa
Niraalambo Lambodara-Janani Kam Yaami Sharannam ||5||

5.1: (O Mother) Letting go (i.e. Left or Never undertaking) the various Ritualistic Worship services of the Devas ...
5.2: ... by me, more than Eighty Five years of my life has passed,
5.3: Even at this moment (nearing death), if Your Grace do not descend, O Mother (Who is) of the form of Bliss-Consciousness, ...
5.4: ... Where will this Niralamba (one without any support) seek Refuge, O Lambodara Janani (Mother of Lambodara or Ganesha),


Mother Durga
श्वपाको जल्पाको भवति मधुपाकोपमगिरा
निरातङ्को रङ्को विहरति चिरं कोटिकनकैः
तवापर्णे कर्णे विशति मनुवर्णे फलमिदं
जनः को जानीते जननि जपनीयं जपविधौ ॥६॥
Shvapaako Jalpaako Bhavati Madhupaako[a-U]pama-Giraa
Niraatangko Rangko Viharati Ciram Kotti-Kanakaih |
Tava-Aparnne Karnne Vishati Manu-Varnne Phalam-Idam
Janah Ko Jaaniite Janani Japaniiyam Japa-Vidhau ||6||

6.1: (O Mother) A Swapaka (a Dog-Eater or Chandala) (from whose mouth nothing much comes out in terms of good speech) becomes Jalpaka (Talkative) with Speech like a Madhupaka (from whose mouth good speech comes out like Honey) (by Your Grace),
6.2: A Ranka (Poor and Miserable) becomes Niratanka (Free from Fear) forever, and moves about having obtained Million Gold (by Your Grace),
6.3: O Aparna (another name of Devi Parvati), when Your Prayer (and Glory) enter one's Ear (and sits in the Heart), such is the Result,
6.4: (Then) Who among men can know, O Mother, the destiny which Your Holy Japa can unfold?


Mother Durga
चिताभस्मालेपो गरलमशनं दिक्पटधरो
जटाधारी कण्ठे भुजगपतिहारी पशुपतिः
कपाली भूतेशो भजति जगदीशैकपदवीं
भवानि त्वत्पाणिग्रहणपरिपाटीफलमिदम् ॥७॥
Citaa-Bhasmaa-Lepo Garalam-Ashanam Dik-Patta-Dharo
Jattaa-Dhaarii Kanntthe Bhujaga-Pati-Haarii Pashupatih |
Kapaalii Bhuutesho Bhajati Jagadiishai[a-E]ka-Padaviim
Bhavaani Tvat-Paanni-Grahanna-Paripaattii-Phalam-Idam ||7||

7.1: (O Mother) (Lord Shankara), Who is smeared with Chitabhasma (Ashes from the Cremation Ground), Whose Food is the Poison, Whose Clothes are the Directions, ...
7.2: ... Who carry Matted Hairs on His Head, Who wear the Garland of the king of Snakes around His Neck; (Inspite of all this He is called) Pashupati (The Lord of the Pashus or Living Beings),
7.3: He carries a Begging Bowl of Skull in His Hand but is worshipped as Bhutesha (The Lord of the Bhutas or Beings) and got the title of Jagadisha Eka (One Lord of the Universe), ...
7.4: O Bhavani, all this is because of the result of Your Pani Grahana (Accepting Your Hand in Marriage),


Mother Durga
मोक्षस्याकाङ्क्षा भवविभववाञ्छापि मे
विज्ञानापेक्षा शशिमुखि सुखेच्छापि पुनः
अतस्त्वां संयाचे जननि जननं यातु मम वै
मृडानी रुद्राणी शिव शिव भवानीति जपतः ॥८॥
Na Mokssasya-[A]akaangkssaa Bhava-Vibhava-Vaan.chaa-[A]pi Ca Na Me
Na Vijnyaana-Apekssaa Shashi-Mukhi Sukhe[a-I]ccha-Api Na Punah |
Atas-Tvaam Samyaace Janani Jananam Yaatu Mama Vai
Mrddaanii Rudraannii Shiva Shiva Bhavaani-Iti Japatah ||8||

8.1: (O Mother) I do not have the desire for Moksha (Liberation); Neither have I the desire for Worldly Fortune,
8.2: Neither do I long for Worldly Knowledge, O Shashi Mukhi (The Moon-Faced One); I do not have the desire for enjoying the Worldly comforts again,
8.3: Henceforth I implore You, O Mother, May You direct my life towards (the rememberance of Your Names),
8.4: (The string of Your Holy Names) Mridani Rudrani Shiva Shiva Bhavani; May my future life be spent in performing Japa of Your Holy Names,


Mother Durga
नाराधितासि विधिना विविधोपचारैः
किं रुक्षचिन्तनपरैर्न कृतं वचोभिः
श्यामे त्वमेव यदि किञ्चन मय्यनाथे
धत्से कृपामुचितमम्ब परं तवैव ॥९॥
Na-[A]araadhitaasi Vidhinaa Vividho[a-U]pacaaraih
Kim Rukssa-Cintana-Parair-Na Krtam Vacobhih |
Shyaame Tvameva Yadi Kin.cana Mayy-Anaathe
Dhatse Krpaam-Ucitam-Amba Param Tavai[a-E]va ||9||

9.1: (O Mother) I have not worshipped You as prescribed by tradition with various rituals,
9.2: (On the other hand) What rough thoughts did my mind not think and my speech utter?
9.3: O Shyama, inspite of this, if You indeed, to a little extent, to this orphan ...
9.4: ... have extended Your Grace, O Supreme Mother, It indeed only becomes You (i.e. is possible for You),


Mother Durga
आपत्सु मग्नः स्मरणं त्वदीयं
करोमि दुर्गे करुणार्णवेशि
नैतच्छठत्वं मम भावयेथाः
क्षुधातृषार्ता जननीं स्मरन्ति ॥१०॥
Aapatsu Magnah Smarannam Tvadiiyam
Karomi Durge Karunnaa-[A]rnnav[a-Ii]eshi |
Nai[a-E]tac-Chattha-Tvam Mama Bhaavayethaah
Kssudhaa-Trssaa-[Aa]rtaa Jananiim Smaranti ||10||

10.1: (O Mother) I have sunk in Misfortunes and therefore remembering You now (which I never did before),
10.2: O Mother Durga, (You Who are) an Ocean of Compassion, ...
10.3: ... (Therefore) do not think of me as false (and my invocation as pretence),
10.4: (Because) When children are afflicted with Hunger and Thirst, they naturally remember their Mother (only),


Mother Durga
जगदम्ब विचित्रमत्र किं
परिपूर्णा करुणास्ति चेन्मयि
हि माता समुपेक्षते सुतम् ॥११॥
Jagadamba Vicitram-Atra Kim
Paripuurnnaa Karunnaa-[A]sti Cenmayi |
Na Hi Maataa Samupekssate Sutam ||11||

11.1: O Jagadamba (Mother of the Universe), What is surprising in this!
11.2: The graceful Compassion of the (Blissful) Mother always remains fully filled,
11.3: (Because) Inspite of the son committing Mistakes after Mistakes,
11.4: The Mother never abandons the son,


Mother Durga
मत्समः पातकी नास्ति पापघ्नी त्वत्समा हि
एवं ज्ञात्वा महादेवि यथायोग्यं तथा कुरु ॥१२॥
Matsamah Paatakii Naasti Paapa-Ghnii Tvatsamaa Na Hi |
Evam Jnyaatvaa Mahaadevi Yathaa-Yogyam Tathaa Kuru ||12||

12.1: (O Mother) There is no one as Fallen like me, and there is no one as Uplifting ( by removing Sins ) like You,
12.2: Considering thus, O Mahadevi, Please do whatever is proper (to save me).


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Translated by greenmesg

Sri Adi Shankaracharya
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