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Kamalatmika Dhyanam - In sanskrit with meaning

कमलात्मिका ध्यानम् - कान्त्या काञ्चनसन्निभां
Kamalatmika Dhyanam - Kantya Kanchana Sannibham
Devi Kamalatmika
Devi Kamalatmika

कान्त्या काञ्चनसन्निभां हिमगिरिप्रख्यैश्चतुर्भिर्गजैर्__
हस्तोत्क्षिप्तहिरण्मयामृतघटैरासिच्यमानां श्रियम्
विभ्राणं वरमब्जयुग्ममभयं हस्तैः किरीटोज्ज्वलां
क्षोमाबद्धनितम्बबिम्बललितां वन्देऽरविन्दस्थिताम्
Kaanty[i]-Aa Kaan.cana-Sannibhaam Himagiri-Prakhyaish-Caturbhir-Gajair__
Hasto[a-U]tkssipta-Hirannmaya-Amrta-Ghattair-Aa-Sicyamaanaam Shriyam ||
Vibhraannam Varam-Abja-Yugmam-Abhayam Hastaih Kiriitto[a-U]jjvalaam |
Kssoma-[A]abaddha-Nitamba-Bimba-Lalitaam Vande-[A]ravinda-Sthitaam ||

1 - 2: (I meditate on Devi Kamalatmika) Whose splendour is like that of (molten) Gold, and Who is bathed with Nectar from (four) Golden Pitchers, which are lifted up by the trunks and poured by four huge Elephants, whose appearances resemble the visible Himalayas; Who is Sri Herself (embodiment of Beauty and Prosperity),
3: She is holding a pair of Lotuses (with Her two Hands) and showing the gestures of Vara (Boon-giving) and Abhaya (Fearlessness) (with Her other two Hands); And Her Head is decorated with a shining Diadem,
4: Her lovely rounded Hips are bound by silken clothes; I worship that Devi Who abides on a Lotus.


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Translated by greenmesg

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