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Krishna Avatara - In sanskrit with meaning

- from Srimad Bhagavatam - Skanda 1 - 3

कृष्ण अवतार
Krishna Avatara
Krishna Avatara
Krishna Avatara

एकोनविंशे विंशतिमे वृष्णिषु प्राप्य जन्मनी
रामकृष्णाविति भुवो भगवानहरद्भ‍रम् ॥१
Ekonavimshe Vimshatime Vrssnnissu Praapya Janmanii |
Raamakrssnnaav[au]-Iti Bhuvo Bhagavaan-Aharad-Bharam ||1.3.23||

1: Nineteenth and Twentieth in the line (of Incarnations), having obtained Births (i.e. having incarnated) in the dynasty of Vrishni, ...
2: ... as Rama (i.e. Krishna) and Krishna, the Lord (Bhagavan) removed the burden of the Earth (i.e. freed it from the Adharmic forces and established Dharma in the World).


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