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Vimarsha - In sanskrit with meaning

Devi Lalita Tripurasundari
Sri Chakra
Devi Lalita Tripurasundari & Sri Chakra

1. Vimarsha - from Varivasya Rahashya 1.4
नैसर्गिकी स्फुरत्ता विमर्शरूपास्य वर्तते शक्तिः
तद्योगादेव शिवो जगदुत्पादयति पाति संहारति
Naisargikii Sphurattaa Vimarsha-Ruupaasya Vartate Shaktih |
Tad-Yogaad-Eva Shivo Jagad-Utpaadayati Paati Samhaarati || Varivasya Rahashya 1.4 ||

1: As the inherent pulsation (Sphuratta) of the form of Vimarsha (Divine deliberation), abides Shakti (united with Shiva),
2: United with that indeed Shiva creates the World, protects it (i.e. sustains it) and finally absorbs it (within Him).


2. Importance of knowing about Shakti - from Varivasya Rahashya 1.5

Devi Lalita Tripurasundari
Sri Chakra
सावश्यं विज्ञेया यत्परिणामादभूदेषा
अर्थमयी शब्दमयी चक्रमयी देहमय्यपि सृष्टिः
Saa-[A]vashyam Vijnyeyaa Yat-Parinnaamaad-Abhuud-Essaa |
Arthamayii Shabdamayii Cakramayii Dehamayy-Api Ca Srssttih || Varivasya Rahashya 1.5 ||

1: She of necessity should be known (by all means), by whose transformation (Parinama) has appeared ...
2: ... the entire creation; The great creation (full of wonders) which is Arthamayi (of the nature of objects associated with meanings), Shabdamayi (of the nature of words associated with sounds), Chakramayi (of the nature of chakras associated with bodies) and Dehamayi (of the nature of bodies containing within itself the entire creation as microcosm) (She Who is playing outside is also playing within us).


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