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Narada Avatara - In sanskrit with meaning

- from Srimad Bhagavatam - Skanda 1 - 3

नारद अवतार
Narada Avatara
Narada Avatara
Narada Avatara

तृतीयमृषिसर्गं वै देवर्षित्वमुपेत्य सः
तन्त्रं सात्वतमाचष्ट नैष्कर्म्यं कर्मणां यतः ॥१
Trtiiyam-Rssi-Sargam Vai Devarssi-Tvam-Upetya Sah |
Tantram Saatvatam-Aacasstta Naisskarmyam Karmannaam Yatah ||1.3.8||

1: Third, You indeed assumed an Incarnation of the Nature of a Rishi; He who is known as Devarshi (Narada),
2: Who assimilated the Essence of the Sacred Scriptures, and propagated the philosophy of Devotional Works which does not lead to the bondage of fruits.


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