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Deepam - In sanskrit with meaning

दीपं श्लोक
Deepam Sloka
Deepa (Oil Lamp)
Deepa (Oil Lamp)

साज्यं वर्तिसंयुक्तं वह्निना योजितं मया
दीपं गृहाण देवेश त्रैलोक्यतिमिरापहम्
भक्त्या दीपं प्रयव्छामि देवाय परमात्मने
त्राहि मां निरयाद् घोराद् दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तु ते
Saajyam Ca Varti-Samyuktam Vahninaa Yojitam Mayaa |
Diipam Grhaanna Deve[a-Ii]sha Trailokya-Timira-Apaham ||
Bhaktyaa Diipam Prayavchaami Devaaya Paramaatmane |
Traahi Maam Nirayaad Ghoraad Diipa-Jyotir-Namostu Te ||

(O Lord, Please accept this Deepam)
1: (The Lamp) With Ghee (Clarified Butter) and joined with Wick is connected with Fire (i.e. Lighted) by me,
2: Please accept this Deepa (Lamp), O Devesha (Lord of the Devas); You are the remover of the Darkness (of Ignorance) of the Three Worlds (Trailokya),
3: With Devotion I offer this Deepa (Lamp) to You, O Deva; You are the Paramatman,
4: Please protect me from this terrible Hell (of Ignorance); Salutations to You O Deepa Jyoti (Light of the Lamp).


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