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Ghanta Puja - In sanskrit with meaning

घण्टा पूजा श्लोक
Ghanta Puja Sloka
Ghanta (Bell)
Ghanta (Bell)

आगमार्थं तु देवानां गमनार्थं तु रक्षसाम्
घण्टारवं करोम्यादौ देवताह्वान लाञ्छनम्
Aagama-Artham Tu Devaanaam Gamana-Artham Tu Rakssasaam |
Ghannttaa-Ravam Karomya[i-A]adau Devata[a-A]ahvaana Laan.chanam ||

1: For the purpose of Inviting the Devas (Divine Forces) and for the purpose of Driving out the Rakshasas (Evil Forces) ...
2: ... I make the Sound of Ghanta (Bell) in the beginning as a mark (of auspiciousness) associated with the Invitation of the Devatas (Divine Forces) (and removal of Evil influences)


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