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Naivedyam - In sanskrit with meaning

नैवेद्यं श्लोक
Naivedyam Sloka
Deepa (Oil Lamp)
Naivedya (Food offering)

नैवेद्यं गृह्यतां देव भक्तिं मे ह्यचलां कुरु
ईप्सितं मे वरं देहि परत्र परां गतिम्
शर्कराखण्डखाद्यानि दधिक्षीरघृतानि
आहारं भक्ष्यभोज्यं नैवेद्यं प्रतिगृह्यताम्
Naivedyam Grhyataam Deva Bhaktim Me Hy[i]-Acalaam Kuru |
Iipsitam Me Varam Dehi Paratra Ca Paraam Gatim ||
Sharkaraa-Khanndda-Khaadyaani Dadhi-Kssiira-Ghrtaani Ca |
Aahaaram Bhakssya-Bhojyam Ca Naivedyam Pratigrhyataam ||

(O Lord, Please accept this Naivedyam)
1: O Deva, Please accept this Naivedya and make my Devotion steady towards You,
2: Please grant my desired Boons (in this World) and excellent State in the next (World),
3: Food prepared with Sharkara Khanda (Sugar Candy), Dadhi (Curd), Kshira (Thickened Milk) and Ghrita (Ghee) ...
4: ... has been offered to You; Please accept this Food for eating as Naivedya (and bless me).


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Translated by greenmesg

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