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Neerajanam - In sanskrit with meaning

नीऱाजनं श्लोक
Neerajanam Sloka
Karpura Lamp (Camphor Lamp)
Karpura Lamp (Camphor Lamp)

कदलीगर्भसम्भूतं कर्पूरं तु प्रदीपितम्
आरार्तिकमहं कुर्वे पश्य मे वरदो भव
Kadalii-Garbha-Sambhuutam Karpuuram Tu Pradiipitam |
Aaraartikam-Aham Kurve Pashya Me Varado Bhava ||

(O Lord, Please accept this Neerajanam)
1: With Karpura (Camphor) produced from the interior of Kadali (Banana), (the Karpura) which is Lighted, ...
2: ... I perform Your Aarati (Waving Light of Lamp); Please See me with Your Graceful Eyes and bestow Boons.


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