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Tambulam - In sanskrit with meaning

ताम्बूलं श्लोक
Tambulam Sloka
Tambula (Betel)
Tambula (Betel)

पूगीफलं महद्दिव्यं नागवल्लीदलैर्युतम्
एलादिचूर्णसंयुक्तं ताम्बूलं प्रतिगृह्यताम्
Puugiiphalam Mahad-Divyam Naagavallii-Dalair-Yutam |
Ela[a-A]adi-Cuurnna-Samyuktam Taambuulam Pratigrhyataam ||

(O Lord, Please accept this Tambulam)
1: With very divine Pugiphala (Areca Nut) added to Nagavalli Leaf (Betel Leaf), ...
2: ... and adding powder of Ela (Cardamom) to it, I have prepared this Tambula (Betel); O Lord, please accept it.


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