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Upaveetam - In sanskrit with meaning

उपवीतं श्लोक
Upaveetam Sloka
Upaveeta (Sacred Thread)
Upaveeta (Sacred Thread)

यज्ञोपवीतं परमं पवित्रं प्रजापतेर्यत्सहजं पुरस्तात्
आयुष्यमग्र्यं प्रतिमुञ्चशुभ्रं यज्ञोपवीतं बलमस्तु तेजः
नवभिस्तन्तुभिर्युक्तं त्रिगुणं देवतामयम्
उपवीतं मया दत्तं गृहाण गणनायक
Om Yajnyopaviitam Paramam Pavitram Prajaapater-Yat-Sahajam Purastaat |
Aayussyam-Agryam Yajnyopaviitam Balam-Astu Tejah |
Navabhis-Tantubhir-Yuktam Tri-Gunnam Devataamayam |
Upaviitam Mayaa Dattam Grhaanna Gannanaayaka ||

(O Lord, Please accept this Upaveetam)
1: Om, this Yagyopaveeta which is very Sacred and born from Prajapati in the beginning, ...
2: ... Which is foremost in giving Long Life, this Yagyopaveeta which is worn as a White Thread, which gives Strength (Bala) and fills one with Splendour (Tejas), ...
3: ... Which is created by joining Nine Threads, which represents the Three Gunas (Trigunas) and contains the Deities, ...
4: ... This (Sacred) Upaveeta given by me, Please accept O Gananayaka (Leader of the Ganas).


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