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Tripurabhairavi Dhyanam - In sanskrit with meaning

त्रिपुरभैरवी ध्यानम् - उद्यद्भानुसहस्रकान्तिमरुणक्षौमां
Tripurabhairavi Dhyanam - Udyad Bhaanu Sahasra Kaantim Arunna Kssaumaam
Devi Tripurabhairavi
Devi Tripurabhairavi

उद्यद्भानुसहस्रकान्तिमरुणक्षौमां शिरोमालिकां
रक्तालिप्तपयोधरां जपवटीं विद्यामभीतिं वरम्
हस्ताब्जैदधतीं त्रिनेत्रविलसद्रक्तारविन्दश्रियं
देवीं बद्धहिमांशुरक्तमुकुटां वन्दे समन्दस्मिताम्
Udyad-Bhaanu-Sahasra-Kaantim-Arunna-Kssaumaam Shiro-Maalikaam
Raktaa-Lipta-Payodharaam Japa-Vattiim Vidyaam-Abhiitim Varam |
Hasta-Abjai-Dadhatiim Tri-Netra-Vilasad-Rakta-Aravinda-Shriyam
Deviim Baddha-Himaamshu-Rakta-Mukuttaam Vande Samanda-Smitaam ||

1: (I meditate on Devi Tripurabhairavi) Who has the splendour of thousand rising Suns, Who is wearing Red Garments and a Garland of Skulls,
2: Whose Breasts are smeared with Blood; Who is holding a Rosary and Book; and displaying Abhiti (Fearlessness) and Vara (Boon-giving) mudras (gestures) ...
3: ... with Her Lotus Hands; Whose three Eyes are shining with the beauty of Red Lotuses,
4: The Devi is wearing a Red Crown over Her Head on which is tied the Cool-Rayed Moon; I worship the Devi Who is sporting a Gentle Smile.


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