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Varahi Dhyanam - In sanskrit with meaning

- from Parashurama Kalpasutram - Varahi Krama

वाराही ध्यानम्
Varahi Dhyanam
Devi Varahi
Devi Varahi

पाथोरुहपीठगतां पाथोरुहमेचकां कुटिलदंष्ट्राम्
कपिलाक्षित्रितयां घनकुचकुम्भां प्रणत वाञ्छितवदान्याम्
दक्षोर्ध्वतोऽरिखङ्गां मुसलमभीतिं तदन्यतस्तद्वत्
शङ्खं खेटं हलवरान् करैर्दधानां स्मरामि वार्तालीम्
Paathoruha-Piittha-Gataam Paathoruha-Mecakaam Kuttila-Damssttraam |
Kapila-Akssi-Tritayaam Ghana-Kuca-Kumbhaam Prannata Vaan.chita-Vadaanyaam |
Daksso[a-Uu]rdhvato-[A]ri-Khanggaam Musalam-Abhiitim Tad-Anyatas-Tadvat |
Shangkham Khettam Hala-Varaan Karair-Dadhaanaam Smaraami Vaartaaliim |

1: (I meditate on Devi Varahi) Who is abiding on a Seat of Lotus, Who Herself appears like a Dark-Blue Lotus and Who has Curved Tusks (of a Boar),
2: Whose Triad of Eyes are Reddish-Brown in Colour, Whose Breasts are Firm and Rounded like Pitchers; To those Bowing to Her with Devotion, She is a Liberal Giver of Boons Wished for,
3: On Her Raised Right Arms She holds Discus (Ari), Sword (Khanga) and Pestle (Mushala), and shows the Gesture of Fearlessness (Abhiti); Similarly on the other side ...
4: ... With Her Raised Left Arms She holds Conch (Shankha), Club (Kheta) and Plough (Hala), and shows the Gesture of Boon-giving (Vara); I meditate on Devi Vartali (and seek Her blessings).


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Translated by greenmesg

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