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Meghashyamam - In sanskrit with meaning

मेघश्यामं पीतकौशेयवासं श्रीवत्साङ्कं कौस्तुभोद्भासिताङ्गम्
Meghashyamam Pita Kausheya Vaasam Shrivatsankam Kaustubha Udbhaasita Angam
Sri Vishnu
Sri Vishnu

मेघश्यामं पीतकौशेयवासं श्रीवत्साङ्कं कौस्तुभोद्भासिताङ्गम्
पुण्योपेतं पुण्डरीकायताक्षं विष्णुं वन्दे सर्वलोकैकनाथम्
Megha-Shyaamam Piita-Kausheya-Vaasam Shriivatsa-Angkam Kaustubho[a-U]dbhaasita-Anggam |
Punnyo[(a-U)]petam Punnddariika-[A]ayata-Akssam Vissnnum Vande Sarva-Lokai[a-E]ka-Naatham ||

1: (Salutations to Sri Vishnu) Who is Beautiful like the Dark Clouds, and Who is wearing Yellow Garments of Silk; Who has the mark of Srivatsa on His Chest; and Whose Body is Shining with the Radiance of the Kaushtubha Mani,
2: Whose Form is permeated with Holiness, and Whose Beautiful Eyes are extended like the Lotus Petals; We Salute Sri Vishnu Who is the One Lord of all the Lokas.


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