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Sashankhachakram - In sanskrit with meaning

सशङ्खचक्रं सकिरीटकुण्डलं
Sa Sankha Chakram Sa Kirita Kundalam
Sri Vishnu
Sri Vishnu

सशङ्खचक्रं सकिरीटकुण्डलं सपीतवस्त्रं सरसीरुहेक्षणम्
सहारवक्षस्स्थलशोभिकौस्तुभं नमामि विष्णुं शिरसा चतुर्भुजम्
Sa-Shangkha-Cakram Sa-Kiriitta-Kunnddalam Sa-Piita-Vastram Sarasiiruhe[a-Ii]kssannam |
Sa-Haara-Vakssas-Sthala-Shobhi-Kaustubham Namaami Vissnnum Shirasaa Catur-Bhujam ||

1: (Salutations to Sri Vishnu) Who is holding the Shankha (Conch) and Chakra (Discus) (on His Hands), and Who is adorned with (Shining) Diadem and Ear-Rings; (Whose Beautiful Form is decorated) with Yellow Garments and (Who is bestowing Grace with His) Lotus-like Eyes,
2: Whose Chest is adorned with a Garland with the (Radiant) Kaustubha Gem; (I look with wonder at the) Four-Armed Form of Sri Vishnu and Bow my Head before Him.


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