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What Education is Not

Swami Vivekananda

• Is it book-learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that..

• [Education is] not an accumulation of words....

• [Education is] not the collecting of facts...

• Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested all your life.

• If education were identical with information, the libraries would be the greatest sages in the world and encyclopaedias the Rishis.

• Education is not filling the mind with a lot of facts.

• that education as a result of which the will, being continuously choked by force through generations, is now well-nigh killed out; is that education under whose sway even the old ideas, let alone the new ones are disappearing one by one; is that education which is slowly making man a machine?

• The education which does not help the common mass of people to equip themselves for the struggle of life, which does not bring out the strength of character, a spirit of philanthrophy, and the courage of a lion -- is it worth the name?

• Well, you consider a man as educated if only he can pass some examinations and deliver good lectures...

• The present system of education is all wrong. The mind is crammed with facts before it knows how to think. Control of the mind should be taught first.

• The education that you are receiving now in schools and colleges is only making you a race of dyspeptics. You are working like machines merely, and living a jelly-fish existence.

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
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