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Bengali English Pad

What can I do with Bengali English Pad?

How do I use the Bengali English Pad?

  1. Enter the Bengali and English combination in the Bengali and English text box. Enter the Bengali in English notation with double braces (e.g. {{raama}}).
  2. The English notation can be either Unicode Chart Notation.
  3. Press the Combine English and Bengali button.
  4. The HTML Code for the Bengali will be generated in the HTML Code text box. The generated HTML Code can be used in web pages.

1. Bengali and English:
Unicode Chart Notation: (Symbol Map) Harvard Kyoto Notation

2. Bengali CSS style:   

Preview will be generated below:

3. English and Bengali:

4. HTML Code:

The generated HTML Code can be used to create web pages as:


   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" charset="UTF-8"/>
   <title>My Web Page</title>

   Paste the generated HTML Code here


Version 1.0
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