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Palani temple, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu Palani temple, Dindigul district, Tamil NaduMeditation: I meditate on Sri Muruga settling down at Palani, leaving Kailasha, after a challenge with brother Ganesha.

Palani: Palani is one of the Arupadai Veedu temples of Muruga (one of the six holy abodes of Muruga).

Sri Muruga moving to Palani after a challenge with Ganesha: According to legend, Sri Muruga left Kailasha and moved to Palani after a challenge with brother Ganesha. Once Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati in order to test their sons Ganesha and Muruga, challenged them in a race to encircle the world. Whoever does it first will get a special fruit as a prize. While Sri Muruga set off on his peacock, Sri Ganesha encircled his divine parents saying that they were the universe themselves. When Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati declared Sri Ganesha as the winner, Sri Muruga in frustration left Mount Kailasha and came to Palani. Sri Muruga was clad only with a loin cloth like an ascetic, and he was holding a dandam (staff). Hence he is called Dandapani or Dandayudha Pani.

Idol of nine herbs: The idol of Muruga in Palani is unique in that it is made up of nine herbs. It is known as Navapashanam. Siddha Bogar is said to have created this idol. There is a shrine of Siddha Bogar in the Palani temple.

Idumban and carrying of kavadi: Lord Shiva gave sage Agastya two hills called Shivagiri and Shaktigiri to be placed in the southern part of India. Idumban volunteered to carry those hills as an act of service. He carried them on his shoulders like a Kavadi and proceeded towards the south. However by the will and play of Muruga the hills got fixed in Palani itself and Idumban remained there as his devotee. To commemorate this incident devotees carry Kavadi on their shoulders with river water and pay homage to the Idumban shrine located half-way in the Palani hill.

Girivalam during Agni Nakshatram: Agni Nakshatram is a special festival in Palani when devotees perform Girivalam or circumambulation of the hill. Some devotees carry the Kavadi during Girivalam.

• Palani is located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

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