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Self-Enquiry amidst activities

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

#. When there is activity in regard to works, we are neither the agents of those works nor their enjoyers. The activity is of the three instruments, mind, speech and body. Thinking thus, could we remain unattached?

After the mind has been made to stay in the Self which is its deity, and has been rendered indifferent to emperical matters because it does not stray away from the Self, how can the mind think as mentioned above? Do not such thoughts constitute bondage?

When such thoughts arise due to residual impressions, one should restrain the mind from flowing that way, endeavour to retain it in the Self-state, and make it turn indifferent to emperical matters.

One should not give room in the mind for such thoughts as: "Is this good? Or, is that good? Can this be done? Or can that be done?" One should be vigilant even before such thoughts arise and make the mind stay in its native state. If any little room is given, such a disturbed mind will do harm to us while posing as our friends; like the foe appearing to be a friend, it will topple us down.

Is it not because one forgets one's Self that such thoughts arise and cause more and more evil?

While it is true that to think through discrimination, "I do not do anything; all actions are performed by the instruments" is a means to prevent the mind from flowing along residual thought. Does it not also follow that only if the mind flows along thought vasanas that it must be restrained through discrimination as stated before?

Can the mind that remains in the Self-state think as "I" and as "I behave emperically thus and thus?"

In all manner of ways possible one should endeavour gradually not to forget one's true Self. If that is accomplished, all will be accomplished. The mind should not be directed to any other matter. Even though one may perform, like a mad person, the actions that are the result of the past deeds, one should retain the mind in the Self-state without letting the thought "I do" arise.

Have not countless devotees performed their numerous emperical functions with an attitude of dedication to God?

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