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Self-Enquiry vs Meditation

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

#. What is the difference between enquiry and meditation?

Enquiry consists in retaining the mind in the Self. Meditation consists in thinking that one's self is Brahman, existence-consciousness-bliss.

#. The Vichara "to know thyself" is different in method from the meditation "Shivoham" or "Soham", "Lord Shiva I am" or "He I am". I rather lay stress upon Self-Knowledge, for you are first concerned with yourself before you need to know the World and its Lord. The "Soham" meditation or "I am Brahman" meditation is more or less a mental thought. But the quest for the Self I speak of is a direct method, indeed superior to the other meditation; for the moment you get into a movement of quest for the self and go deeper and deeper, the real Self is waiting there to take you in and then whatever is done is done by something else and you have no hand in it. In this process all doubts and discussions are automatically given up just as one who sleeps forgets for the time being all his cares.

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