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Dhenupureeswarar Temple, Madambakkam, Chennai suburb (தெணுபுரீஸ்வரர்)

Madambakkam Dhenupureeswarar Temple Madambakkam Dhenupureeswarar Temple Madambakkam Dhenupureeswarar Temple Madambakkam Dhenupureeswarar Temple


The Dhenupureeswarar Temple is located in Madambakkam, Chennai suburb. The temple is near the Madambakkam Koil bus stop. Madambakkam can be reached by bus from Tambaram East in around half an hour.


The Dhenupureeswarar Temple is dedicated to Sri Shiva as Dhenupureeswarar and Divine Mother Shakti as Dhenukambal.

The Legend:

The Dhenupureeswarar Temple at Madambakkam, Chennai suburb in Tamil Nadu is a very old Shiva Temple. It is said that Lord Shiva conferred Moksha (liberation) to sage Kapila here who had to take the form of a cow due to a sin in the previous birth. Sage Kapila (in the form of the cow) used to earnestly pray to Lord Shiva and pour her milk over a Shiva Lingam buried under the ground. The master of the cow on detecting the wastage of the milk hit the cow severely. The cow kicked the ground in pain. To the astonishment of the master, blood started oozing out of the ground. The villagers dug the ground and discovered the Shiva Lingam. Lord Shiva appeared, gave Moksha to sage Kapila and also forgave the master of the cow for unknowingly beating the devotee.

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