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Benefits of Trees - Related to Sustaining Lives

1. Oxygen:

Forest Trees sustain our lives by providing oxygen. Without oxygen we cannot live even for a few minutes. On the other hand, Trees remove the carbon-dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere.

Oxygen: Trees provide us.

Carbon-dioxide: We provide to Trees.

Thus there is an exchange of life-giving airs.

2. Food:

Mango tree Trees sustain our lives by providing various food.

Fruits: Trees provide various fruits for our nourishment. Some of the fruits are Apple, Mango, Banana, Guava etc.

Vegetables: Plants provide various vegetables for our consumption. Examples are Cabbage, Carrot, Beetroot etc.

Cereals: Plants also provide various cereals for our diet. Examples are Rice, Wheat, Maize etc.

Pulses: Plants also provide various pulses for our diet. Examples are Beans, Peas, Lentils etc.

Fodder: Leaves of various trees are used as fodder for cattle.

3. Medicine:

Aamla or Gooseberry Trees sustain our lives with various medicines. The various parts of trees and plants have great medicinal value. They are:

Fruits: Certain fruits like Aamla, Baheda etc.

Leaves: Leaves like Neem.

Root: Root extract of certain plants.

Bark: Extract of bark of certain plants.

4. Wood:

Gambhari tree Trees provide wood which is used for various purposes. Some of them are:

Firewood: Used as fuel specially in rural areas.

Timber: For building essential implements of life like agricultural implements, boats, houses etc.

Fencing: Wood is often used for building fences around agricultural fields.

5. Shelter:

Haritaki tree Trees provide shelter to various living beings. Some of them are:

Birds: Provide shelter for birds within its leaves and branches.

Small animals: Provide shelter to small animals like squirrels in its branches.

Cattle: Providing shelter to cattle under its shade.

Pilgrims: Providing shelter to pilgrims under its shade.

Village meeting: Provide shady space for holding village meetings.

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
May there be Peace in the Sky,
May there be Peace in the Earth,

(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Simplify Life,
And help Nature thrive,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.

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