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(A) Sanskrit Writing:
1. Sanskrit Writing Pad - Write Sanskrit using English for RTF & HTML.
- Convert between RTF & HTML.
- Generate approx. transliteration.
2. Sanskrit English Pad - Write a combination of Sanskrit and English.
- Format the Sanskrit words within English using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
(B) Sanskrit Dictionary:
1. Sanskrit Dictionary - Search word meanings in Monier Williams online Sanskrit Dictionary.
2. Sanskrit Dictionary Aid - Find subwords within Sanskrit words.
- Find words starting with, ending with & containing subwords.
3a. Sanskrit Word List - Find Sanskrit words grouped under various categories.
- Quick reference for Sanskrit grammar.
3b. Sanskrit Word Search - Search nouns, verbs and grammar.
(C) Sanskrit Sandhi:
1. Sanskrit Sandhi Rules - View Sandhi Rules.
2. Sanskrit Sandhi Tool - Combine Sanskrit words using the Sandhi Tool.
- View Sandhi Rules during combination.
(D) Sanskrit Declension and Conjugation:
1. Sanskrit Noun Declension - View noun declension tables for various nouns.
- Filter declined nouns based on declension parameters.
2. Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Rules - View verb conjugation rules with examples.
3. Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Tables - View verb conjugation tables.
(E) Other Sanskrit Tools:
1. Sanskrit Sentences - See example Sanskrit sentences with the underlying grammatical structures.
2. Sanskrit Sorting Tool - Sort Sanskrit words online.

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