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Sanskrit Example

The following example shows how to write Sanskrit using the nearest English letters for various Sanskrit online tools in this site. This convention used closely follows the mapping given in the for Devanagari alphabet.

First verse of Shree Suktam:
हिरण्यवर्णां   हरिणीं   सुवर्णरजतस्रजाम्   ।
चन्द्रां   हिरण्मयीं   लक्ष्मीं   जातवेदो   म   आवह   ॥१॥

English to type in the Sanskrit Writing Pad or other tools:
hirann-yavar-nnaam harinniim suvar-nnarajatas-rajaam- |
can-d-raam hirann-mayiim lak-ss-miim jaatavedo ma aa2vaha ||\1||

English to type in the Sanskrit Writing Pad or other tools:

Note how each Sanskrit letter is generated by typing the nearest English letter. Conjoined letters are represented using the -(hyphen) symbol between the letters. Parenthesis could have been added optionally to enhance readability by grouping certain words. A little practice will make the rules clear.

Remember these simple rules:
  1. Type the characters given in the square brackets next to the Sanskrit letters.
    e.g. Type sa for SA, ha for HA etc.
  2. All characters to be typed are in lowercase only.
  3. A long letter is represented by twice of short letter.
    e.g. a for A and aa for AA; type i for I and ii for II etc.
  4. Use hyphen (virama) between letters for half forms.
    e.g. Type s-t-ra for STRA.
  5. Use parenthesis if grouping is required for readability or ambiguity
    e.g. (s-t-ra) for STRA

You may be interested in the other Online Sanskrit Tools given below:
(The tools are sorted alphabetically):
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05b.Sanskrit Sandhi Tool: Combine Sanskrit words.
06.Sanskrit Sentences: Examples of Sanskrit sentences with grammatical analysis.
07.Sanskrit Sorting Tool: Sort Sanskrit words online.
08a.Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Rules: Verb Conjugation Rules with examples.
08b.Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Tables: Verb Conjugation Tables with operation summary.
09a.Sanskrit Word List: Sanskrit words under different categories.
09b.Sanskrit Word Search: Sanskrit words used in stotras and verb conjugations are being consolidated here.
10. Sanskrit Writing Pad: Write Sanskrit using English.

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