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Pancha Bhoota Sthalams

5 Temples of Lord Shiva (in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh), each representing a prime element of Nature.
(Note: PP stands for Paadal Petra Sthalam)

1. Kanchipuram - Ekambareshwarar (Prithivi Lingam) {PP-3.1}

Kanchipuram - Ekambareshwarar - Devi Parvati performed penance in Kanchipuram under a mango tree (on the bank of river Kampa) to become reunited with Lord Shiva. She worshipped a Prithivi Lingam. Lord Shiva appeared before Her and took Her back as His consort.
- Kanchipuram - Ekambareshwarar Temple (Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu)

2. Thiruvanaikaval - Jambukeshwarar (Jala Lingam) {PP-1.60}

Thiruvanaikaval - Jambukeshwarar - Devi Parvati performed penance at Thiruvanaikaval (as directed by Lord Shiva) to get clarification of certain doubts. She worshipped a Jala Lingam made out of the water of river Kaveri. Lord Shiva appeared before Her and clarified her doubts.
- Thiruvanaikaval - Jambukeshwarar Temple (Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu)

3. Thiruvannamalai - Arunachaleshwarar (Agni Lingam) {PP-4.22}

Thiruvanaikaval - Jambukeshwarar - Lord Shiva manifested as an infinite Taijasha Linga (Column of Fire) at Arunachala whose ends could not be found by Brahma and Vishnu. On the request of the Devas, Lord Shiva then manifested in a smaller form as the Arunachala Mountain for their worship.
- Thiruvannamalai - Arunachaleshwarar Temple (Thiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu)

4. Srikalahasti - Srikalahasteeshwarar (Vayu Lingam) {PP-3.19}

Srikalahasti - Srikalahasteeshwarar - In Krita Yuga, Vayu worshipped this Linga at Maha Kailasha on the peak of Sivanandaikanilaya. In Treta Yuga spider Sri worshipped this Linga and attained salvation. In Treta Yuga, serpent Kala and elephant Hasti also worshipped this Linga and attained salvation.
- Srikalahasti - Srikalahasteeshwarar Temple (Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh)

5. Chidambaram - Natarajar (Akasha Lingam) {PP-1.1}

Chidambaram - Natarajar - Lord Shiva danced the Ananda Tandava in the Thillaivana which was the ancient name of Chidambaram.
- Chidambaram - Natarajar Temple (Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu)

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