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The Vedic seers introspected on the source of life by living amidst Nature. They discovered great truths about life through Nature. Nature as a Mother sustained their lives with fruits, vegetables, pure water and air. Nature as a manifestation of Cosmic Being inspired their minds and hearts with Its vastness and transcendental dimension.

The Vedic seers observed the phenomenon of Nature keenly with deep curiosity - the vast sky, the dawn, the trees, the clouds, the lightning, the rains - they observed these not only with their minds but with an open heart which was keen in discovering the underlying truth. They developed a deep spiritual insight by which they saw a Divine Cosmic Order (Rita) governing all lives. This divinity (when realized inwardly) imparted Nature with its transcendental beauty, and this divinity was the underlying source of life.

The seers often poured out their visions through succinct poetic expressions, some of which were so sublime that the boundary between natural beauty and divinity became thin, and appreciation of Nature became appreciation of the divine principle of life. Elements of Nature were seen as divinties to whom the seers prayed for their sustenence. Nature as a whole was like the consort of the Virat Purusha (Cosmic Being). Within that Cosmic Order a great Yagna or cycle of exchange is going on continuously, as if the Virat Purusha is being worshipped by offerings within these exchanges.

The Vedic Vision of Nature is the highest vision of Nature revealed to the Vedic seers in their mystic vision. It starts with Nature but ends with the divinity behind Nature. Trying to understand the Vedic Vision of Nature is a meditative journey - a journey of self-transformation. It is an appreciation of Nature and inward Sadhana combined together. The vastness, beauty and Cosmic Order of Nature is the inspiration. The Vision of the Vedic Seers (manifested as Vedic mantras) are the guide. The longing of the human soul to transcend the limited self and soar towards the infinite is the urge.

Vedic Vision of Nature:
  1. Introduction
  2. Meditation on Dyauh Shanti Mantra:
    Meditation on the underlying Peace pervading the three divisions of the Universe.
  3. Meditation on Ambhasyapare Mantra:
    Meditation on the underlying Divinity pervading the vast Universe.
  4. Meditation on Satyam-Brhad-Rtam Mantra:
    Meditation on how the Earth is sustained by Truth, Cosmic Order and Penance.
  5. Meditation on Yaa-Arnnave-Adhi Mantra:
    Meditation on the Divine heart of Mother Earth.
  6. Meditation on Vishvambhara Vasudhani Mantra:
    Meditation on the all-encompassing Qualities of Mother Earth.
  7. Meditation on Yam Rakshanti Asvapna Mantra:
    Meditation on the all-giving nature of Mother Earth protected by divine forces.
  8. Meditation on Giriyas-Te Parvata Mantra:
    Meditation on the Joy spread by the Hills, Snow-clad Mountains and Forests of Mother Earth.
  9. Meditation on Vaishvanaram Bibhrati Mantra:
    Meditation on Mother Earth who holds the Universal Fire within her.
  10. Meditation on Yasyam Aapah Paricarah Mantra:
    Meditation on Mother Earth in whom Water flows day and night from all sides unceasingly.
  11. Meditation on Yasyam Vedim Parigrhnanti Mantra:
    Meditation on Mother Earth as a great sacrificial altar in which we offer our activities.
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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
May there be Peace in the Sky,
May there be Peace in the Earth,

(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Simplify Life,
And help Nature thrive,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.

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