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Rig Veda - Mandala 1

Beauty of Nature

1. Rishi: Madhuchanda Vaishvamitra (RV 1.1 - 1.11):

1.1. Agni: Agni is the priest who invokes the other Devas in the Yagna (Purohita, Rtvija and Hota). Agni is far-sighted with wisdom (Kavikratu). Agni is an embodiment of truth (Satya). Agni is the protector of Rita (Gopaam Rtasya).

1.2. Vayu:

• Indra-Vayu:

Mitra-Varuna: Mitra has the dexterity to purify (Puuta-Dakssa). Varuna is the destroyer of foes (Rishaa-Dasa). They help to obtain an intelligence which is like the clarified butter (Dhiyam Ghrtaaciim Saadhantaa). Mitra-Varuna presides over Rita. They enhance the Rita (Rtaa-Vrdhau). They give the touch of the Rita (Rta-Sprshaa). Since they encompass the whole Cosmic Order, they have spacious dwellings (Urukssaya).

1.3. Ashvins: The Ashvins have swift hands (Dravat-Paannii). They bring welfare to all (Shubhas-Patii). And they have many hands (Puru-Bhujaa). They have done many wonderful deeds (Puru-Damsasaa). They are called Dasraa (destroyer of foes) and Na-Asatyaa (in whom no untruth exist).

• Indra:

Vishvedevas: The Vishvedevas support the cultivators (Carssannii-Dhrta). They are generous givers (Daashvaamsah). They are the givers of rain (Aptura). They do not fail (Asridha). They have all-pervading intelligence (Ehimaayaasa). And they are free from malice (Adruha)

Sarasvati: Sarasvati is the purifier of our minds (Paavakaa). Sarasvati is a repository of Intelligence (Dhiyaa-Vasu). Sarasvati inspires the sense of Rita or Truth within us (Codayitrii Suunrtaanaam). Sarasvati awakens the sense of Righteousness within us (Cetanti Sumatinaam). Sarasvati is like the great waters (Maho Arnnah). Sarasvati awakens through intellect (Pracetayati Ketunaa). Sarasvati illumines the universal understanding (Dhiyo Vishvaa Viraajati).

1.4. Indra: Indra is the drinker of Soma (Somapaah). After drinking the Soma juice, Indra becomes the slayer of Vrtras (Asya Piitvaa Shatakrato Ghano Vrtraannaam-Abhavah).

1.5. Indra: For drinking the Soma juice Indra assumes an augmented form (Tvam Sutasya Piitaye Sadyo Vrddho Ajaayathaah). The perfomer of the Yagna earnestly prays that the Soma juice may enter Indra and awaken him (Aa Vishantu Somaasa; Sham Te Santu Pracetase). The performer of the Yagna earnestly prays that the Vedic mantras make Indra grow (Tvaam Stomaa Aviivrdhan; Tvaam-Ukthaa Aviivrdhan).

1.6. Indra: Yoking the early morning Sun to the chariot, Indra is coming (Yun.jati Bradhnam Arussam Carantam). Those who are without Intelligence, make them Intelligent (Ketum Krnnvan Aketave). Those who are without Beauty, make them Beautiful (Pesho Maryaa Apeshase).

• Marudgana

1.7. Indra: Indra is the bearer of Vajra (Indro Vajrii Hirannyayah). Indra rendered long-range visibility (Indro Diirghaaya Cakssasa); by placing the Sun in the sky (Aa Suuryam Rohayad Divi); and dispelled the darkness completely (Vi Gobhih Adrim Airayat). O Indra, you are showerer of rains (Vrssan). Please remove these clouds (Amum Carum Apa Vrdhi).

1.8. Indra: O Indra, we are protected by you (Indra Tvaa Uutaasa); and therefore we bear the hard Vajra (Vayam Vajram Ghanaa Dadiimahi); and become victorious against the opponents ((Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah). The abdomen of Indra spreads like the ocean (Samudra Iva Pinvate); after drinking the Soma juice (Yah Kukssi Somapaatamah).

1.9. Indra: Indra performs deeds which encompasses the whole world (Cakrim Vishvaani Cakraye). Indra knows all and are connected with all (Vishva-Carssanne). Inspire us O Indra, to attain vigour (Vaajavat Prthu), wealth (Dyumnam) and glory (Shravo Brhat) which is vast and channeled in thousand ways towards universal good (Sahasra-Saatamam).

1.10. Indra: Come to our Yagna with Indra, O Brahma and Vasu (Brahma Ca No Vaso Sa-Ce[a-I]ndra), and make the Yagna grow (Yajnyam Ca Vardhaya). May these Hymns pervade universally (Gira Imaa Bhavantu Vishvatah). May your life of Wisdom become our lives of wisdom (Vrddha Aayum Anu Vrddhayah). May your Joy become our joys (Jussttaa Bhavantu Jussttayah).

1.11. Indra: The hymns expanded Indra like an expansive ocean (Indram Vishvaa Aviivrdhant-Samudra-Vyacasam Girah). The power which breaks the abode of the Asuras was born (Puraam Bhinduh Ajaayata). Indra broke open the mountain cave of Asura Vala which hid the light and made the Devas fearless (Tvam Valasya Gomato-[A]pa-Avar-Adrivo Bilam). Indra by supernatural powers destroyed Asura Shushna (Maayaabhir-Indra Maayinam Tvam Shussnnam-Ava-Atirah).

2. Rishi: Medhatithi Kanva (RV 1.12 - 1.23):

Vedic Vision of Nature:

  1. Introduction:
    • Summary
    • Relevance
    • The three outer Dimensions (Education, Environment and Economy)
    • The three inner Dimensions (Vedic Vision as Heart, Science as Head and Technology as Hand)
    • The Goal (Unifying the outer Dimensions with the help of the inner Dimensions)

  2. Core Concepts:
    1. Rishis (Seers of Vedic Mantras)
    2. Rita (Cosmic Order)
    3. Devas (Divine forces upholding Rita)
    4. Yagna (Our participation in Rita)

  3. Unification: Aligning Vedic Vision with the three outer Dimensions:
    • Education (Bringing inner illumination through the study of Vedic mantras)
    • Environment (Seeing Environment from the perspective of Rita)
    • Economy (Designing Economy from the perspective of Yagna)

  4. Yagna Cycle: Journey through the Vedic mantras through the Yagna Cycle

  5. Vedic mantras [Education]: Bringing inner illumination through the study of Vedic mantras
    1. Rig Veda - Mandala 1

  6. Rita [Environment]: Seeing Environment from the perspective of Rita

  7. Yagna [Economy]: Designing Economy from the perspective of Yagna

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