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Sri RamaMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama incarnating as the son of king Dasharatha at Ayodhya for slaying Ravana and establishing Dharma in the world.

Ayodhya: Ayodhya is an ancient pilgrimage of Lord Rama which is His birthplace as well as His kingdom. Ayodhya is a Moksha Puri as well as a Divya Desam.

Moksha Puri: Ayodhya is one of the seven Moksha Puris (Mathura, Ayodhya, Mayapuri, Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika and Dwarka).

Thiru Ayodhi Divya Desam: Ayodhya is one of the 108 Divya Desams identified with the Thiru Ayodhi Divya Desam.

• Ayodhya is located in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
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(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
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