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Rabindra Sangeet translation - Poems of Sri Rabindranath Tagore

Sri Rabindranath Tagore Experience Nature through the eyes of Sri Rabindranath Tagore.
  1. Aaj Dhaner Khete Raudra Chayay Lukochurir Khela
    আজ   ধানের   ক্ষেতে   রৌদ্রছায়ায়   লুকোচুরি   খেলা
    (Oh my Friend, today the Sunlight and Shade are playing Hide-and-Seek in the Paddy Field)

  2. Aakash Bhara Surja Tara Viswa Bhara Praan
    আকাশভরা   সূর্য_তারা   বিশ্বভরা   প্রাণ
    (The Sky is filled with Sun and the Stars, and the World is filled with Life-Forms, and it makes me wonder that in the midst of this I got my place in this Universe)

  3. Aanandadhara Bahiche Bhubane
    আনন্দধারা   বহিছে   ভুবনে
    (Streams of Bliss are flowing across the Universe [Day and Night])

  4. Aamar Mukti Aaloye Aaloye
    আমার   মুক্তি   আলোয়   আলোয়
    (My Freedom is in the Light of this Sky)

  5. Aaloker Ai Jharna Dharaye Dhuiye Daao
    আলোকের   এই   ঝর্ণাধারায়   ধুইয়ে   দাও
    (Oh the beautiful Sunlit Morning, Wash me with the Springing Light-Rays of yours)

  6. Eso Shyamala Sundara
    এসো শ্যামল সুন্দর
    (Come, O the beautiful green of the rainy season)

  7. Ei Lobhinu Sangha Tabo Sundaro He Sundaro
    এই   লভিনু   সঙ্গ   তব,   সুন্দর   হে   সুন্দর
    (O Lord, this Blessed Company of Yours is so Pure and Beautiful)

  8. Eki Labanye Purno Prano Pranesha He
    একি   লাবণ্যে   পূর্ণ   প্রাণ,   প্রাণেশ   হে
    (O What Beauty has filled Nature and its Life-forms, O the Lord of Life [due to advent of this Spring])

  9. Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone
    ওরে   ভাই   ফাগুন   লেগেছে   বনে   বনে
    (Oh my Friend, the fire of Colours have caught the Trees in the Forest)

  10. Gram Chara Ai Ranga Matir Path
    গ্রামছাড়া   ঐ   রাঙা   মাটির   পথ
    (The Reddish Soil Road leading from the Village has made my Mind get lost far far away)

  11. Cakkhe Aamar Trishna Ogo, Trishna Aamar Bakko Jurre
    চক্ষে   আমার   তৃষ্ণা   ওগো,   তৃষ্ণা   আমার   বক্ষ   জুড়ে
    (Thirst has filled my Eyes, and Thirst has also engulfed my Heart)

  12. Nil Digante Oi Phuler Aagun Laglo
    নীল   দিগন্তে   ওই   ফুলের   আগুন   লাগল
    (There, the Blue Horizon has caught Fire with the Colour of the Flowers)

  13. Paush Toder Daak Diyeche
    পৌষ   তোদের   ডাক   দিয়েছে
    (The Winter Season Paush is calling you all; Come out ... Come out ... Come out)

  14. Mono Mor Meghero Sanghi
    মন   মোর   মেঘের   সঙ্গী
    ([Today] My Mind has become the companion of the Clouds of the Sky)

  15. Megher Kole Rod Heseche, Baadol Geche Ttutti
    মেঘের   কোলে   রোদ   হেসেছে,   বাদল   গেছে   টুটি
    ([Look] The Sun Rays have started smiling on the lap of the Clouds, and the Rains have stopped)

  16. Shiter Haowaye Laglo Nachon Amlakir Oi Ddale Ddale
    শীতের   হাওয়ায়   লাগলো   নাচন   আম্লকির   এই   ডালে   ডালে
    ([Look] The Winter Breeze has set the branches of the Amlaki tree dancing)

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